Teaching English as a Second Language in China (2003-2005)

Tom R. Chambers taught English as a second language at Sheng Da College, Zhengzhou, China (2003-2005). He was responsible for three conversation classes and two writing classes per semester. He also worked with debate teams and advised the college photography club. As a documentary photographer, he also got involved with the local documentary photographers, and had a two-person exhibition with  Zhao Zhenhai: The People of Longhu Town [China] ( Thanks to his student connections, Chambers had the opportunity to tour and document the area in a very personal way: Exams for English majors (second year) at Sheng Da College, Zhengzhou, China: Oral: Tom R ( Tom R ( Tom R ( Mid Term: Mid-term Test Outline (Oral) ( Tom R ( Writing: Mid-term Exam (Writing) (Second Semester, 2004) ( Tom R ( Tom R ( Reference letter from Dean Shen, Department of Fo